Holmes Inspection

Featuring the well-known host of Holmes on Homes, this new series shines a spotlight on innocent homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence ...

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Holmes Inspection
"Shannon, a young first time home buyer, realizes that there are some serious plumbing issues that her home inspector had missed."
"Homeowners Neil and Michelle discover that their new home has a serious flaw that causes their floor to become freezing cold during winter and more than their fair share of blown electrical circuits."
"A home inspector misses a problem with David and San Yee's new house that could put their health in jeopardy."
"Rick and Didi's recently renovated house was actually a flip. While the finished work looked wonderful, it had some serious issues with how it worked."
"Cathy and Tim's new house sparked a romantic flame for them with its dual fireplaces. What their home inspector missed was a possible source of a far more dangerous fire."
"Kris and Dave's had a hidden cold room that their inspector missed and should never have been closed in. The improper work led to mould in the play area for their children."
"Kim and Daniel bought their house so that their two little girls could grow up in a safe family home. While they tried to follow the advice of their home inspector, some problems were missed and things went from bad to worse."
"Despite a rating of 8 out of 10 from their home inspector, Mike and Tricia discovered a number of \"surprises\" waiting for them."
"Keith and Caitlin were newlyweds looking to purchase a home free of defects since their resourses were limited. Their home inspector assured them they would have only a few minor cosmetic issues to deal with, but Mike Holmes disagreed....strongly."
"Todd and Duane were scared that their home inspector missed something significant enough to ruin their sparkling new d\u00e9cor."
"Fred and Sara bought a historical home, only to find that \"older\" doesn't necessarily mean \"more solid\"."
"The work on Fred and Sara's house continues."
"Eunice and Ryan saved up to buy a home with more space, not more problems. After a thorugh Holmes Inspection and a helping hand from Mike, Damon and te crew, their new house will finally feel like home."
Season 2 - Holmes Inspection
"Jessica wanted this starter home so badly she bid without a home inspection. Now she needs Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew to fix her little house with big trouble."
"Simon and Nancy are newlyweds with the backyard blues. The home inspector said nothing about their sagging deck or lifting fence. Mike Holmes will Make It Right."
"Daniel and Anita are discovering safety issues that the home inspector never warned them about. It\u2019s up to Mike to do a Holmes Inspection and set their minds at ease."
"Debbie\u2019s basement leaks despite the home inspector\u2019s assurance that the grading is neutral. Mike, Damon and the crew will Make It Right-- and watertight."
"Have Shawn and Francesca bought their dream house or a huge nightmare? Mike Holmes will inspect and Damon and the crew will make this house a home."
"Izabela and Waldemar bought a renovated house with faulty geo thermal heating in a bidding war. Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and help Make It Right - and green."
"Mike Holmes inspects a large detached home that Kim and Stuart are apparently sharing with the squirrels. How are the critters and all that cold air getting in?"
Season 3 - Holmes Inspection
"Anca and Paul needed a home that would be large enough for his two sons 11 and 13 and her daughter, 11. Losing out in three bidding wars may have made them a little more desperate to settle for this tired townhouse with a single shower for everyone. Still, the home inspector saw no major issues. Turns out there were a lot of things he didn\u2019t see that has this family steamed. Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew will Make it Right."
"While Jaime and Vishal were house hunting, a family crisis occurred that meant Vishal\u2019s mom needed a place to live too. A home inspector was hired to ensure they\u2019d finally found an affordable home for everyone. As it turns out, he missed a lot of issues that would have made this family more comfortable. Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew will bring this house up to Mike\u2019s standards."
"Anna and Terry traded in their starter bungalow for a larger one, with a big front porch and a wild, untended backyard. Now the front porch that attracted them is falling apart and fixing the grading, as the home inspector suggested, went way over budget. Tackling the issues he missed is impossible on the budget they have left. Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew will Make it Right."
"Ross and Lisa foolishly allowed a family friend to do their home inspection for the price of a case of beer. While he told them a few things, he missed more than he saw. Among other things, he skipped that awkward climb into the attic, claiming there would be no deal breakers up there. Mike Holmes is here to prove him wrong. Damon and the crew are on hand to fix all the issues found on Mike\u2019s much more thorough Holmes Inspection."
"Reza and Liz bought an eight-year-old house based on a home inspection that seemed to go well. That didn\u2019t last long. Now they have had pipes freeze in the master bathroom, cracks have opened under their son\u2019s bedroom window and water has started leaking into the kitchen below. They need Mike to do a Holmes Inspection, and show them the many issues their inspector missed. Damon and the crew will all have to help on this one."
"Newlyweds Tina and Jeff have three daughters between them and found a house with room for them all. It was not very modern, but it was safe and solid, according to the home inspection. When the money they had saved for their honeymoon unexpectedly went on replacing the hot water heater, and other surprises popped up, like freezing cold bedrooms, they knew they needed Mike Holmes. Damon and the crew will be on hand to help give this family a fresh start."
"Kristen and Grant spent the top of their budget to buy a downtown storefront property that had been beautifully renovated. Happy with the sparkling kitchen and bath, they were blind to signs of trouble. Their home inspection did not help them to see the issues they might have with this unique house in the future. Well the future is here, but luckily so is Mike Holmes. He will do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew will make this urban space safe and sound."
"Peter and Sharon decided with the birth of their third son, that they had better move out of their starter home and find a bit more space for their active family. Encouraged that this house was only eight years old and passed inspection, they bought. Now they are battling plumbing leaks, window leaks, and a foyer that floods every time it rains. They need Mike Holmes to do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew to keep them from getting hosed any longer."
"Sean and Carol have been out of their house for weeks now. Mike\u2019s Holmes Inspection found structural issues, in addition to the many ways their cold, drafty thirty-year-old house had been invaded by pests of all shapes and sizes. Damon and the crew are all on hand to straighten this house out, and make it safe and warm for this small family\u2019s return."
"Sean and Carol met overseas and came home to buy their dream home close to the grandparents. Now that dream has turned into an oversized nightmare. Baby Liam\u2019s room is so cold they call it \u201cthe meat locker.\u201d The roof is showing signs of wear and the living room is too cold for comfort. Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and show them they have even bigger issues than they thought."
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